Who am I?

I’m learning how to play poker and trying to learn to play better. This is where I am collecting thoughts, noting events, and tracking my bankroll, playing levels and emotional reactions.

How/When did I start? I became interested in poker in late spring or so of 2006. By the summer, I was building a play money bankroll online. In November, I won a little real money on some freerolls on a small site, and then between Christmas of 2006 and New Years I finally made the plunge and deposited $50 from a birthday gift on one of the major poker playing sites.

To date, that $50 is the only deposit of non-poker-earned money. I hope that any future deposits are merely transfers from one poker site to another without any further investment on my part. I’ve actually cashed $15 or so back out during a transfer from one site to another, so my net investment is less. I’ve bought some poker software and 3 books but even at that my total bankroll even during my flat period stands/stood at $400 so I am up over my costs.

Where did this blog originate? This blog began as an email that I sent over and over to myself so I could keep adding to the entries. After losing a few entries because I lost the drafts when I didn’t send them right away I decided to move this to a blog. Every entry in this blog will be entered with the intention of either writing a thought or situation down so that I don’t forget it, or for mulling it over to try to develop more clarifiation in my own mind.


Beyond that, I am married, with kids, have a job that keeps me in an office and a few other hobbies/passions, none of which will get any coverage within the pages of this blog.

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