Rush Poker

January 21, 2010

At the moment I’m hooked on Rush Poker at Full Tilt. Or Crack Poker, which seems to be a popular slang name for it.

Second night of playing, I think I got in 1,300 hands or something, on top of the 700 from the first night. More hands last night because I played two tables, just because one wasn’t fast enough. 🙂 There is a slight delay after folding while you get seated at a new table, which gives me enough time to go to the other table and make a decision.

I don’t have a lot of bankroll at Tilt so I’ve been playing the $10nl tables, and after 2,000 hands I’m down $1.40 or something. Conclusion so far; there’s a lot of lost value at this level being readless because you can’t pick off the maniacs as easily because you don’t know who they are. Most of the time that there is a possible bluff (I guess 30 – 50% chance of a bluff or overvaluing their hand) it turns out that they weren’t bluffing. Exception being ones like a pot sized bet on the river when I checked going for pot control (ie. seen as “weakness”) with a river card that only made sense if he had the two cards that would fill a straight, and it turned out to be a busted flush draw, or a 60 bb stack that I 3 bet with 99 and he shoves, his KJs that he raised from early. But I lost a stack when I got in in pre with QQ and I probably should have read AA/KK.

There’s thin line between bluff/overvalue bets and standard players at this level which is easy to see if you have some hand history or stats, but is tougher to guess totally readless like this.

And there’s unexpected aggression, at least for $10nl FR. A lot of squeezing and 3 betting, at least more than I expect at this level. When I see that aggression my reaction is to crank up my aggression level, which causes me to spew against more standard players. It’s not the same players each hand so you can’t really make that kind of adjustment. What I should do is to take the stats from the hands that I have and identify general player styles, but I’m not planning to keep playing $10 tables if I do continue to play. What I might do though is to keep working LAG play preflop, get my stats up to the 22/18 level for full ring, which is more my 6 max stats. Or go to $25nl.

It’s also quite possible that there are a number of players from $25 or $50 sitting at these $10 tables for the time being trying this new thing out, which might be a part of the reason for higher aggression than I expect from $10.

If nothing else I’m cranking up the FTP points like never before. Maybe I’ll earn a free month at Stox.


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