3 + .40 sit and go

February 12, 2010

I’m still running badly at Rush Poker so I tried to return to my 4x4x6 Rampage with 4 tables of 25nl at Stars but I ran just as badly there. Was card dead, the hands I do decide to play miss the flop, so I try to compensate by generating action with weaker hands and get played back at. Then I start to not be able to fold post-flop raises or bets, and the spew begins.

The last few days I’ve watched some Collin Moshman videos and decided to stop the spew by tightening up and playing some sit and goes for a while. Last night I went to bed early, had the laptop already there so I searched for some tournies on Stars hoping to find a $5 sit and go. I have $22 in T dollars from 210 FPP satties so I thought I’d use that and play some $5 SnGs but they weren’t filling up at that time of night so I ended up in a $3.40.

First hand, early raise, player to my right flats, I raise to 11 bbs with AKo, one blind cold calls the 3 bet, and the OR flats as does the other caller. Great, so that’s how these tournaments play; first hand, a 3 bet pot and we end up 4 handed. Flop is low cards two tone, OR bets 3/4 pot, player to my right shoves his A9s that he flatted the raise and 3 bet with preflop with the flush draw, OR calls with his TT, flush fills and we’re off.

Then I go card dead so most of my attention shifts to the InuYasha clips that I’m watching in the other half of the monitor. When the blinds are at 50/100 and I’m down to 1100 facing an early position raise I decide to shove my TT. I’m hoping that I’m in a race, though he’s fairly tight, but I think the fact that I had been so card dead made me unwilling to fold TT. A wrong decision for a number of reasons; He’s relatively tight, and when the blinds start to rise at low buyin level tournaments players get weaker and more passive, so open raising means even more strength, plus I believe that I’m a better player than most if not all players at this level so the more hands I can see the better my EV overall. A player at this buyin level at this blind level might not even raise AK in his situation, which is the hand that I’m most hoping for. He’s also raised from early position, though most players are not very positionally aware so I don’t give this consideration too much weight.

My HUD covers some of the cards in the all-in situation so I all that I can see is that he has one King and the other card is not the same suit, but I hit a set on the turn and double up over his KK. Then I have some chips, the blinds are rising, I’ve played tight since the first hand, plus I go on a card rush so I start open raising every second or third hand. Activity in general picks up and within a few orbits we’re down to the bubble and then past, but three handed we got there so fast that the shortest stack has 15 bbs, I’ve been chipped down after been the chip leader at one point, I go card dead again plus I had been so aggressive just moments earlier that I tone down my aggression and the other two revert to ultra-tight raise/fold so it takes forever to finally finish.

I end up second for $8 something, so an okay return on 3.40 T$. I’m gonna try to stick to tournaments for a while to try to get my impatient spew under control.


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