Super System I

Briefly: Chapters on many different poker games written by various experts, only chapter one on No Limit Hold’em, written by Doyle (Texas Dolly) Brunson. Brunson plays an aggressive style that was more successful back when he wrote this book, but it’s still a good read for a beginner who needs to learn a basic aggressive style and how to play various hands.


I read the first edition. It was one of the first books ever written by a poker pro before the days of internet poker and card cams, and back then a lot of players didn’t realize how often everyone else was bluffing/semi-bluffing. This book helped to change things, so much so that this style of play is not as successful as it once was, but it’s still a good read for beginners who need to learn the basics of aggressive poker play.

Starting hand guide, general description of how to play these hands against various boards. Because there is only one chapter on No Limit Hold’em, there is not a lot of detailed discussion so it’s easier for a beginner to assimilate and use.


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