Poker site disconnection problems

June 9, 2008

I’m not playing as much poker as I would like lately.

Usually the reason for this is time; being busy with other things, but recently a technical problem is my issue. Any maybe I shouldn’t say this as my problem is with one of the sites which I have affiliate status with, but the problem is with FullTilt.

As I’ve mentioned in recent posts, I’ve been having fun playing the Super Turbos that they recently added on FultTilt. My problem is that a couple of months ago I started having problems with getting disconnected often while I’m playing. While this is an annoyance, it becomes much more of an issue in these Super Turbos because you have many fewer hands to play so you don’t want to miss any, plus you get no time bank.

The disconnected time is usually very short and I often don’t miss any complete hand. Sometimes if I’ve folded preflop I’ll miss what happened during the rest of the hand and when I reconnect the game is waiting for my preflop decision on the next hand. It actually happens so fast that in a regular game or tournament it’s often not much more than a nuisance, but in these Super Turbos it’s a bigger nuisance because of the speed of play, speed of blinds and shallow stacks.

I’ve been exchanging emails with technical support off and on but haven’t been able to identify anything useful yet.


At least I finally managed to figure out why I couldn’t connect my laptop at all via the physical cable, which I was trying to do as a part of the issue resolution process. I had MAC specific security on the router, and neglected to remember that the wireless network card and the RJ45 NIC would have different MAC addresses even though it’s the same laptop. I just had to disable MAC filters, let the laptop connect via the regular cable, see what MAC address and name the router read from the laptop, then add that address and name as permitted, then re-enable the security. One of those “D’oh” moments for me, but I just realized that I should post it in case it’s of value for someone else searching for problems physically connecting laptops to routers. If you’re one of those people, also make sure that you’re not trying to plug the network card into the telephone/modem plug of your laptop, which I’ve seen people try to do as well. It don’t fit there.


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