Just, try to win

May 21, 2008

Some of these posts are very much educationally oriented and only help me in the sense that I have to work my way thru and ensure clarity in my own thinking in order to try to explain them clearly. Other posts have instructional value on a specific topic or situation, but come out of my own meanderings. And another type are mostly meanderings, me critiquing myself or trying to or to work something out, or to get something down in writing so I can help to cement it in my head. The last is primarily why I started this blog to begin with.

I wonder if there’s a better way to tag for flag the educationally oriented ones. WordPress seems to have little in the way of being able to view indexes. There’s tags and categories, but it’d be nice to pull up a listing of everything in a particular category and see all the titles, and maybe even the first few lines like a Google search does. I guess given that WordPress has a competitor in Google’s own blog system it probably doesn’t allow me to add a Google website-limited search function.


In any event, during my transit ride in to work this morning I was reviewing that I’ve been telling myself to “just try to win, it’s a game, just try to win it” when I’m playing any kind of tournament setting lately. Then I was thinking that there is no way for me to cheat, no way of going overboard, no means of even poor sportsmanship as long as I don’t type crap in the chat or slowroll. In other words, short of these things, I can do everything in my power to win. Al Davis is the one that’s famous for saying “just win, baby”.

At this point I have enough knowledge, skills, moves, to be able to do okay in most buy-in levels. I think my reasoning for focusing on just winning is that I can get too wrapped up in aspects that I’m aware of. Survival vrs. aggression. Bubbles. Reads. Mixing in some steals with weak hands. The frequency of my preflop raises. Blind levels and stack sizes. Image and personal representation. Relative strength of my cards preflop. These things and more I should be able to be aware of on a somewhat subconscious level which is why I’ve been simplifying and telling myself, just win.


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