Spewing chips at full ring NLHE

May 19, 2008

I’m spewing chips at full ring again.

Last night I ran into unexpected aggression on 5 occassions. One time I hit a boat on the turn, reraised the river and got shoved into from a shortish stack, lost with my boat to his bigger boat that he had flopped. Another time I raised QQ from the cutoff and got re-raised from the button by a weak/passive player that I’ve known since last year at a lower lever. I figured there’s no way he’s doing this with AK/AQ/JJ/TT so I folded. Another time I bet pot at a limped pot when I paired the K and got re-raised. I called, checked the turn, and got bet again. I couldn’t figure this one out so I folded.

Next time I raised an UTG limper with KQ. He called, flop comes K high. He donks into me. I read it as a test donk bet and re-raise. He re-re-raises, and I forget that he’s only shown aggression with a made hand like 2 pair or better and I shove. He had limp/called with K8 and flopped two pair.

Last example, a player who I’ve seen minraise JJ preflop minraises UTG, gets about 3 callers before me on the button. I’m not sure my AQ is best so I just call. Flop comes Q high and he bets 2/3 pot. I re-raise, and he re-reraises. I figure he’s on AQ or KQ at best and shove, and he turns out to have AA.

First hand boat over boat is fine. Folding to the 3 bet preflop from the weak player I think is fine. I’m still not sure about the turn fold; maybe he flopped a set, maybe he had some sort of King as well but he was pretty aggressive post flop. The last two are the ones I could have avoided. The KQ hand I should have given up on because of my read that he only gets aggressive with good hands. K8 was an unexpected limp/call but he could very well have had a medium set. The AQ hand I may have overreacted, but it’s hard to lay down TPTK to a minraise preflop and at the level I was playing at players overvalue KQ/QJ type hands which is what I put him on.

A number of issues come out of this:

  • I may be putting these players on too weak of holdings as a result of playing a lot of cheap SnGs and freerolls lately. If I had been playing my friends as in the hand history sharing event, I would not have played these hands this way. On the other hand, I don’t expect these players to be that good, and they obvious aren’t given the hands and the way they played them preflop.
  • I may be opening up an aggression issue again as I’m trying to open up again slightly
  • I’m showing signs of being unable to lay down TPTK, but on the other hand at this level sometimes that’s still good even against aggression. Maybe I shouldnt be stacking off with it though, unless I read the player as LAG
  • I rarely play that late at night, and possilby the play is better that late
  • Both the last two losses came when the player had unexpected hands, but, there were other hands that they could have had that I was also still losing to
  • By the time the last two happend I had already lost the boat over boat hand, and had probably folded the limped King and QQ hands. Having already lost one big hand and folded two other decent hands to aggression, I may have been frustrated
  • One other early hand I forgot. 97 in a limped pot in the SB, flop comes 89T. Sometimes I bet at this, sometimes I check. In this case I checked hoping to be able to see the turn for free or cheaply. BB bets a bit at it, mid position limper folds, late position limper shoves his 100+ BB stack. I was tempted to call with 10 possible outs, but I could also be dead to a QJ flopped bigger straight. I folded. He made a donkey play either way, but wasn’t sure whether it was more likely to be QJ or to be two pair or a bluff.

All in all, I suspect frustration, combined with weak SnG playing combined with unexpected holdings of my opponents led to my additional losses in the last two hands. I went and played a cheap turbo SnG instead and won that. Playing cheap tournies is a way of controlling my spewing, although I’m sure that skews my hand ranges towards the weak end.


Another separate thing. The player who had the K8 holding started at the table with a full buyin but was down to 25 BBs early (early from my perspective) after losing a big hand. He then played SS strategy better than anyone I’ve seen, although by then he had a tilt image going for him. He shoved over limpers and over raises, collecting blinds until someone called him when he shoved the flop. He had flopped a set of 3s and doubled up. He had enough to squeeze limpers and even raise/calls without risking any additional chips.


Later edit:

Maybe one of the things to take from this is that I should consider quiting for the night, or at least going to a different game when I take more than one tough beat and/or fold to aggression. I could have avoided at least one of the spews if I’d been playing fresh.

There wasn’t any change that I can recall being aware of in my attitude. I simply kept refilling my stack, and on one table I regained about 2/5 of what I lost. In reflection though, maybe something clicked or hardened causing me to lose my ability to fold to aggression reasonably.

Perhaps the key is frustration. If I run into more than one frustrating situation, I should switch off. Maybe if there are offsetting positive situations happening I might stay balanced, but if not, things might get worse without my even being aware of anything.


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