The evolution of a poker blog

April 7, 2008

It’s interesting to maintain a poker blog.

This started a year or so ago as emails that I was sending to myself to track key learnings that I was encountering as a developing poker player, and to allow myself to think through how I want to approach various situations. After losing a few thoughts when I didn’t hit the “Send” button before leaving the page I got the idea of transferring these thoughts to a blog. Later I removed identifiable information in order to make this publicly available but anonymous.

I find myself regularly checking the blog stats to see how many hits I get and where those hits are coming from. Largely the hits come from people searching the internet for pretty basic poker help. I’ve been affected by this, and I’ve geared some entries towards helping beginners, while using these entries to solidify my concept of basics like my recent entry on playing AK.

Other entries have been exploratory and self analysis oriented like the statistical analysis ones or the recent Robert Ludlum one. Just exploring how poker seems to me or how it connects with other things in life.

Eventually I’ll run out of beginner stuff to look at and I’ll be left with more “advanced” stuff and my own poker-related meanderings, but that’s okay.


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