More review of the $75 turbo

March 20, 2008

A friend of mine reviewed the $75 turbo that I played and some interesting things came out of that.

For one thing, he has Sit and Go Wizard, and put a number of hands into the program to see what it had to say. Apparently the 88 hand where I called behind was likely a shove situation, being likely ahead of the shorter stack player who minraised, and having a few bigger stacks behind me that could raise.

He also felt that there were situations where I could have raised/blind stolen when I didn’t, as I was afraid of the player to my left who shoved over my raises a few times. I should stay aware that he was short stacked when he did this, and especially if he reads me as TAG but looser in late position his earlier shoves don’t necessarily mean he’s going to be calling my shoves when I get shorter and he has chips.

ICM (Independant Chip Model) apparently says that there were some situations where I should have called short stack shoves from the blinds with marginal hands. I’m going to have to spend some time reviewing some of my play with one of the ICM calculators.


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