72 Offsuit

March 9, 2008

The other day we were on the bubble in a Sit an Go. The button, who had chipped down to 1.5 big blinds, shoved. Small blind folded, I was in the big blind with 72o.

72o is the worst hand in poker, but, given the correct situation, it is correct to shove or to call with it. In this situation I had a decent stack, and was getting 6-1 pot odds (my blind, the small blind, plus the 1.5 big blinds of the button verses 1/2 of my big blind to call) so I called.

72o is dominated by 77, but even against 22 and against most other hands,

  • Against 77
    • 6/93
  • Against 22
    • 33/67
  • Against pairs in general
    • 18/82
  • Against top 10% (88+, A9s+, QTs+, AJo+, KQo)
    • 25/75
  • Against top 20% (66+, A4s/K8s/Q9s/J9s/T9s/A9o/KTo/QTo/JTo+)
    • 28/72

(Edit for beginners: These odds only apply if either you or the other player are all-in. Otherwise, 72o does not play well)

In this situation he had been waiting for a while for a hand. Too long; when you get down that low you have no fold equity, meaning big stacks will call no matter what. At a certain point, you have to just shove atc (Any Two Cards) and hope to catch something to double or triple up.

Given he was obviously waiting for a good hand, given he wanted to get in the money, but also given he only had 1.5 big blinds left, I put him on a top 10% hand, possibly a little weaker.

It turned out he had KJ. He missed the board, I paired one of my cards, and he was gone. I appolgized and said that it was a pot odds call.


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