Team poker event

March 2, 2008

I participated in team poker event recently. People who were interested signed up, participants voted for team captains, team captains drafted teams. The events were a variety; mostly no limit hold’em but some others like limit, Omaha, HORSE, ect. Some were open to all participants and some open to just a couple from each team. It was a lot of fun. Lots of trash talking, some side bets, lots of railing team members.

But the reason that I write about it here (yes, there’s always a lesson that I’ve learned or re-learned if I write about it here) is the degree to which I was affected by the slight change in situation which threw my game off. That slight change was having a teammate at my table sitting close to my left. That meant when I was in prime stealing position such as on the button or cutoff, it was a teammate’s blind or small blind that I was stealing. Unfortunately this seemed to happen often with the random seating algorithm. Only one time that I recall was a teammate situated close to my right which made him have to decide when/if to steal, and that didn’t last too long before some player movement eased that situation.

It’s a very small thing, but just having to pause and think caused me to throw some hands away that I raise up in most situations. JQ suited, KT, A8 suited went into the garbage instead of making a play at the blinds. And even when not stealing but being faced with a teammate’s raise preflop led me to muck one or two hands that I may have played. Just having that extra unusual unfamiliar thought pop up every now and then really threw a wrench into my playing flow.

I was fortunate that in the last event I rarely had a teammate to my left and was able to more or less play my normal game. I managed to ITM finally, and recover the cost of all the buy-ins that I had to pay plus about a 50% profit.


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