Second anniversary tourney

March 1, 2008

Two years ago I played a charity poker tourney at my company. Buy-in $20, half goes to the charity and half to the prize pool. I tried to quickly teach myself poker during the day by finding a 5 page guide on the internet. Still didn’t know what I was doing, but had fun. That was the start of my poker addiction. In the following spring and really in the summer I started to get into online poker.

Recently was my second anniversary of sorts. Last year I played okay, lost with a straight to a straight flush, rebought and got to the final table.

This year was the year of suckouts.

Other than BB folds to bets, I was involved in a total of 5 hands.

  • First hand, 77, limped around, flop 232, checked around, I bet 2/3 pot, won.
  • UTG, KK, I raise 3XBB, shortstack shoves for another 4BBs or so with A9o. Doesn’t catch an Ace, but fills a straight with the 9.
    • I was a 71/28 fav.
  • In the BB with A7, flop is A73, flush draw. I bet 2/3 pot, win.
  • Just prior to the end of the rebuy period I have T7 in the BB. Flop is JT7. I bet 1/2 pot, button reraises me 1 BB (?), so I shove. He calls with AK, fills the gutshot on the turn, I don’t fill the boat on the river so I rebuy.
    • I was an 80/19 favorite on the flop.
  • After the rebuy period I get AQ UTG, raise, BB calls. Flop is A92, BB checks, I bet, he shoves his 93, catches another 9 on the river and I’m done.
    • I was an 80/20 favorite on the flop again.

Well, you can’t get sucked out on unless you get in with the best hand. First one was okay, short stack shove with any ace is fine especially in a rebuy. Of the three, he was the one who knew how to play. The second two were pretty bad plays, although I suspect the last one, and maybe the second one too, thought there was a decent chance that I was bluffing. That probably comes from playing home games. Kinda like some of the cheap SnGs I’ve played.

Ah well, maybe next anniversary will be luckier. gg, me.


Next day edit: Here’s a timely article by Chris Ferguson. I was playing pretty tight, but that’s partly due to the 40BB chip stacks we were given to start.


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