February 14, 2008

Just a few little notes:

I’ve started to run the 40 game project on $2 turbo SnGs. I don’t know if I’ll finish it or not ’cause so far I don’t have the same enthusiasm level as I did for the $1. Maybe because the competition is noticeably better, or I should say not as bad. Also, since I’ve done it once, to do it at a slightly different level doesn’t make it quite so interesting. Maybe I should make a bigger jump; to $5 or something, so that the game changes more. So far, 3rd, 5th, 2nd.


I didn’t know what to do with my points on one site. I don’t play enough/high enough stakes to make buying something worthwhile but they don’t have a lot of freerolls where I can turn the points into money. So, I played a freeroll offering 6 tourney tokens. To my surprise, the tables were 6 handed. The blinds went up very slowly, probably because there was a max of 2,000 players but only 220 or so were in the one I played. I mention the blinds because on at least two occasions I should have been virtually dead with my stack size but was still alive because of the small blinds. Got sucked out on (QQ vrs 44; 4 on the river), sucked out (66 vrs KK or something and I caught a straight). Down to two tables, 5 and 3, I was afraid I would be the one to get moved to the 3 table because the two biggest stacks were there, and I was. Fortunately a few hands in I picked up KK in the BB. Other small stack raised, called by both big stacks, I shoved, one big stack called with TT but KK held up and I was a big stack. I played cautiously after that while keeping an eye on the other table. Short stack on our table shoved T8o from the SB but unfortunately the BB big stack had JJ and took him out, and then finally the smallest stack at the other table bled away and we were done.

Now I have to figure out the best situation for me to play a $75 buy in tournament and turn that into cash. That buy in is almost equal to my entire bankroll at that site which is an interesting situation to be in. I’m planning on joining a turbo STT since that’s the tourney situation that I’ve been playing the most lately, but I’m sure it plays differently than the $1 ones.


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