Amazingly bad

January 27, 2008

A minor posting attempt.

Lacking time and focus I played a $1 SnG turbo last night ’cause I had 1/2 hour to kill. And today I signed up for a freeroll on CD, forgot about it and came back 20 minutes into it.

Both were interesting because of some of the bad plays I got to witness. Bad calls from big stacks, but those were sometimes helped by bad pushes against raises from the mid and short stacks. Middle stacks shoving back with JT, mid stacks calling off half their stack with weak aces. ITM in the SnG I guess it didn’t matter anymore. I got in short, worked my way up and they kinda gave up or something. In the freeroll I lucked out twice (as Action Dan says, you have to get lucky a few times to go deep in a MTT), tripling up with a shoved 77 when the donkey big stack chased off the other caller to protect his AQ that missed entirely, and then catching a straight with 99 up against JJ and 66. Still a lot of poor play at the FT, after I arrived there 7 of 10 but once I got a stack people folded to my raises or called and folded.


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