Identifying weakness

December 26, 2007

There are a lot of times at micro levels that a play will reek weakness. It’s far too easy to just call and see what comes up next, when what you should do is take advantage of that situation. Someone makes a weak bet at a flop, or limps into an unopened pot from late position. The proper play is to raise and just take the pot down now.

Plays such as:

  • min bets or less than 1/3 pot bets at flops/turns
  • late position limps into unopened pots

There’s a couple of risks raising these players.



  1. i have just been flicking threw your blog.I have enjoyed it.I too dislike most blogs because they analyse hands too much,or they are concerned with too high stakes for me.
    I think it is a harder game at the lower levels,and therefore requires much more mental discipline.At the moment i am struggling-infact i am a losing player(almost all bloggers seem to be winners?)
    My blog is about my wish and hopefully my journey towards becoming a pro player.I will now try to link your blog to mine,and i would appreciate your comments on my blog.http:/www.pokerdream-sehti.blogspot.com

  2. Micro stakes are certainly a challenge.

    Sometimes I play with better players, players who normally play $50 – $200 cash tables or $30 buyin tournaments but they belong to a forum that I am also a regular at so we play together at forum sponsored events. I have to change up my thinking a LOT to play them, and I always learn something from the experience.

    But, bankroll management is not to be overlooked, so I have to remain patient in building up the bankroll so that I can get to the levels that my friends play at.

  3. Enjoying your blog very much. I have a forum and skin from poker dream. I love poker and learn more about the game every day.
    Keep writing .. it’s great to hear how players respond to different scenarios. Bridget

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