Sucking out, getting sucked out on

November 12, 2007

A theory, which I hope makes sense.

My theory is that the reason that I seem to get sucked out on as opposed to sucking out is that I tend to get my money in when I’m either a coinflip or ahead rather than gambling on catching something. Of course this doesn’t apply to late in SnGs where you have to make plays preflop, but early or in cash games I tend to shy away from drawing (more like chasing) or being highly aggressive with draws.

In other words, I don’t get many chances to suck out ’cause I fold the situations where I have a chance to suck out. There are situations where I think I’m ahead but in reality am behind, and I have sucked out on occassion, but mostly I remember the times that I get sucked out on.

Plus, there’s always selective memory. There’s more emotion behind losing after you were ahead so those will tend to get remembered more.

My problem with the new site is that I seem to get sucked out on too often. This could be just variance, but also could be a function of the players being more willing to gamble than at the old site.

That being said, that means that I have to value bet to protect my good hands, don’t accept blocking bets, chase when I get odds to chase (although I never quite get a good feel for implied odds), and be aggressive when I have a very good draw. Plus the usual; be uber-patient and control the emotions.


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