Let’s see if we can hit a flop …

November 10, 2007

Was watching an instructional video, and was struck by how loose and weak the “experienced” student was, and how she was not being coached to play better. Instead, she did all the talking, kept limping in weak hands, saying things like “I’m going to call here and see if we hit the flop”. Played too many hands, made min raises, talked about the other players like a “pro”, tracking player characteristics, but I don’t think she learned very much as she did all the playing and most of the talking, without much in the way of comments from the coaches.

She turned the control over to another student, leaving her short stacked and near the bubble. One of the first hands the pro says “push” and she asks “all in?”. Later, in the SB, ITM but short she has a K and says “I’m going to call” and pushes the call button as you can hear the pro say, “no, push”. The big stack checks the flop while the pro is saying that she should have pushed, and push now, and the student asks for confirmation before following orders.

These are supposedly experienced students, but boy does it start to clarify for me the thinking of some players that I’ve been up against. They can read the board fine, but very weak play and no apparent concept of aggression.


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