Continued losers

September 19, 2007

I’ve read claims that 90% of poker players (or was it online specifically?) are losers. This is a stat that I find amazing, especially if it does indeed refer to online as it’s easy to keep track of your losses; they come out of your credit card/bank account. I could see it if you play very infrequently and just for fun, pulling a few dollars out of your wallet, but otherwise why keep playing or why not try to improve?

A couple of days ago I sat down at a 9 player Sit and Go. There were some players with very definite styles and I was curious how they showed on Sharkscope (a site that tracks tournament play on most major poker sites). The first player I checked had played 1,200 $1-$2 tournaments and was -$97! I thought wow, how can you play so much and just keep losing? Don’t you want to find out how to play better? Based on his play at the table someone told him to be aggressive with the blinds; raise when your in them, raise when you’re in late position with almost any two cards. He was to my right and I caught him once trying to steal my blind from the SB with what turned out to be Q2o. The bad thing was I paired the high card (a ten) on the flop. He bet, I raised, he called and then still led the turn. Just let it go when you’re stealing with nothing. Later he raised from the button and I reraised from the SB and he folded. That kept him away from my blinds a little bit; instead he went after the player to his right and the players to my left. He did managed to finish second, though I took him out with the first hand heads up. He raised from the SB, I called and flopped trips so I let him bet into me (the name for this is the rope-a-dope strategy) and sure enough he pushed the river having paired a 6 on the turn.

Too much detail for the nature of this blog. Anyway, two other players I checked out had both played over 200 tourneys and were also both negative. Now, maybe they are winning players at ring games and just dabble in tourneys (although they seem to play 4-6 every day they play) or maybe they’re still just starting out, and I’m no great tourney player either (though apparently I’ve played 112 on my old main site and am +22), but these are not exceptionally difficult as they’re low buyins. I guess if you have lots of money and just wanna have fun but don’t want the (slightly) increased competition of the higher buyins, then keep playing, but it costs more than just money to keep losing. It’s also costing you time, and enjoyment in the long run because you will continue to lose more than you win if you just keep plugging along without reviewing, reading, asking to improve your play.



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