No limit Hold’Em; another beginners strategy. Part 1: Preflop hand selection

August 31, 2007

Let’s see if I can write a beginner strategy. This will help me to solidify my own base-basic game plan.


This is written for you if you’re planning to join a home game, a company fundraiser, to play some play money online, or trying the micro tables. If you’re playing a tournament (MTT; multi table tournament), Sit and Go (SnG, or STT; single table tournament), or a freeroll, these basics can still apply, but, need some modification for when the blinds increase.

First, seating position and their names.


The rest of this post,

No Limit Hold’em; another beginners strategy, Preflop hand selection

and all the other posts are now available in complete form at


Sorry for the redirection



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